Our Story

Where the Flavors of the World Meet Our Culinary Passion

The story behind our food starts with our chef and visionary, Augusto Jalon. Born in Ecuador, Augusto spent his adolescence experiencing the Latin world. He spent the early part of his life between Ecuador and Chile before moving to New York City with his parents at the age of nine.

As the son of a physician, Augusto received inspiration to have a career working in a white coat. However, his passion for food led him to the dream of working in the white coat of a chef. Accordingly, as life brought Augusto’s family to Philadelphia, he studied at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, where he honed his culinary talents.

Augusto’s passion for food opened the doors to working in some of the finest restaurants within Philadelphia, including La Veranda, La Locanda Del Ghiottone. Most notably, however, was that Augusto earned an internship to work within the kitchen of the renowned Philadelphia restaurant, Le Bec Fin.

Inspired by the energy and excitement of the main kitchen, he made his transition and began to work on crafting the sauces for the dinner menu. The rest was history.

Today, the staff at Augusto’s Of Madison celebrates its history of being a family-owned restaurant that has been in business for over a decade. We specialize in treating your palate with a unique style that mixes the very best in Mediterranean, Nouvou Latino, French Bistro and American cuisines. We pride ourselves with a passion that goes into creating our menu, the integrity and respect with which we treat our food, and of course, our excellent customer service. Delighting our diners with a truly unique experience is our mission.

We invite you to treat your palate at Augusto’s Of Madison.